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Trend & Forecast

We define whats next, so you can make smarter decisions today. Complete coverage of trends, in retail and consumer markets. We connect the dots among future macro trends to spot the brand's next growth. The design team works alongside with you to bring your apparel design and vision to reality with efficient resources, custom fabric materials and vendor competencies.



We partner with you on your design concepts. Our collaborative approach makes sure that every step of this process is thought through before it is implemented. We attend fabric, fashion and trade shows over the world and therefore, have an understanding of what is trending in the market. This allows us to match your products to high-end couture-quality fabrics and produce materials at great prices and quality.


Fabric Research & Development

Design and Fabric go hand in hand and therefore, we are here to bring your vision too reality by researching the right fabric necessary to drape your design. We have partnerships with many mills worldwide that provide us with sampling and quick production turn around. Ethelina guarantees to find the perfect fabric to fit your design concepts

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Ethelina finds you the right factory for your designs. We take into consideration based on the strengths and skills of an origin to connect you to the right factory. We ensure your products are made exactly as per your concepts i.e. ethically and accurately. The designs are made by the factory best suited for the concept.

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As part of our integrative approach, we make sure that this tedious process goes as smoothly as possible by being the bridge between your company and the factories. The calendar is our process bible as we understand that time-based orders are imperative to any business. We provide in-factory oversight to ensure that goods are produced as per your designs with  timely delivery service. We have our team set up in every origin to oversee every step of the process.

Taking Measurments

Quality Assurance

This is the most critical aspect of production. Our team analyzes the quality of each product, before the start of production, to ensure all corrective measures are taken for a smooth process. Product integrity process takes place prior to product development, which allows room to correct concerns. We work with all the global testing laboratories present to make sure that you receive quality. Our QA teams also conduct factory inspections through every process of production for a flawless product.

Cargo Container


We package your products as per your specifications and get them ready to ship. We can either ship the goods to your distribution warehouse or hand them to your forwarders. We make sure to track the progress of your product every step of the way.

Friendly Handshake


Whether you are a startup company or an entrepreneur who wants their ideas to be brought to reality in the fashion world, we help you every step of the way by catering to your needs and ideas. This may be through achieving quality products, constructing strategic plans, design assistance, product development, fabric procurement and much more. Ethelina supports, guides and makes recommendations to maximize your companies potential. The director personally shares her years of experience as an entrepreneur for anyone looking to up their game in this business

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